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Twitter Stream

Another update to the way the site works: Automatic Twitter posts.

Quite a while ago I set up a number of twitter accounts for the domain, and used to post our events there.
This was done manually, and thus eventually I stopped.
But I have now added a little plugin that will automatically tweet any posts that make it to the website (including updates to posts).

So if you use twitter, follow NYC-Camarilla for updates from this site!

Updated Our Event Calendar

Hey all,

So when I redid the site in WordPress I made us of a plugin to do our event management.
I have not been very happy with that solution, as it caused a bit of extra work to get events displayed, with no gain.
As a result I have dumped that plugin, and instead opted to keep our events on a google calendar, with displays on our site of said calendar.
The events on the right now load in from google via Ajax.
The events menu on the top brings you to a google calendar widget for our site.
And if you click through on the +Google button, you can go straight to the actual google calendar (and form there add to your calendar program, if you have one).
I will still be making the monthly game announcements to our mailing list, though now I will make the post first in the website (as one single post) and then send that post via email to the mailing list.

That is all 🙂

Website Redesign Launched!

Hey All!

I’m happy to announce the launch of our new site redesign, with a switch from a complicated Drupal system to a easier to use and better for our needs WordPress system, is complete.

Well, mostly… There are a few small changes I still need to make, but overall the site is ready for use.

So navigate on over to and take a look around.

If you have and ideas, comments, or complaints, please let me know either by leaving comments on this post, or by sending feedback through our Contact Us page 🙂

Well, Happy surfing everyone!