Site Fee Sponsorship Fund

Site Fee Sponsorship Fund

Current Site Fee Sponsorship Fund: $95

Total Donated Since Creation of Fund: $455

The purpose of the Site Fee Sponsorship Fund is to create a pool of donations from club members to be used to help supplement members of the MES gaming community who have difficulties paying for their site fees. As a donating party, you can donate as little or as much as you want.

If you feel you need a bit of help making site fees, you can email the domain coordinator at BEFORE GAME WEEKEND, stating how much  (no more than $10) you would like to take from the fund. The domain coordinator will then email you back to confirm if we have enough in the fund for your request at that time.

This will be a first come, first serve basis.

How Does the Site Fee Sponsorship Fund Work?

  • The Site Fee Sponsorship Fund runs on the honor system. Please only use it if you would otherwise have trouble paying for games.
  • This is for NYC MES games only.
  • People are limited to taking no more than $10 per month from the fund to help facilitate multiple people using the fund.
  • Donations can be made through paypal to at any time (please note what it is for), or via cash to the DC at games. This is to make sure correct tallies are kept on record of how much is in the Fund.
  • Those making donations may donate as much or as little as they want. Every dollar counts, and a lot of little donations add up to a lot of games over time.
  • There will be a post on this page thanking those who chose to donate in the month previous and feel comfortable being named. If you would prefer to donate anonymously, please note it in your donation (via paypal message or verbally when giving the donation via cash to the DC.)
  • Use of the fund is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. The only person who will know is the DC, and future DCs due to email records.

This Month’s Sponsorship Fund Donors:

Past Sponsorship Fund Donors