Site Fee Sponsorship Donors

This is a place to give recognition to the people who have donated to the Site Fee Sponsorship Fund. Donation amounts will not be listed. Thank you to everyone who donated to this fund so that our games can remain accessible to everyone in our community.

August 2018 Donors:

  • Nikka Rosenstein: US2011097989
  • Telmo Correa: US2017090025

July 2018 Donors:

No Donors

June 2018 Donors:

No Donors

May 2018 Donors:

No Donors

April 2018 Donors:

  • Anonymous

March 2018 Donors:

No Donors

February 2018 Donors:

  • Peter Camche: US2008072568

January 2018 Donors:

  • Ryan Hart: US2008072639

December 2017 Donors:

  • Tim Spencer: US2017070060
  • Anonymous Donor

November 2017 Donors:

No Donors

October 2017 Donors: 

  • Jeff Schaller: US2006129128
  • Gregory Glenn: US2004122447

September 2017 Donors:

No Donors

August 2017 Donors:

  • Tim Spencer: US2017070060
  • Joseph Crutchfield: US2017080084

July 2017 Donors:

  • Kevin Andrees: US2008072578
  • Jason Knox: US2010076329
  • Katalena Mermelstein-Knox: US2010086548
  • Peter Camche: US2008072568
  • Jillian Christensen: US2002034916
  • John Christensen: US2002021510
  • Gregory Glenn: US2004122447
  • Gabriel Alpert: US2016060015