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New Members Q&A

Hey, everyone!

We’ve got a bunch of new members in the domain, and I’ve been getting lots of questions like:

What’s Prestige?
Where are the Ordeals located?
Who do I talk to about getting into the database?
How do I get involved in plot?
What are the other venues like?
What are some easy ways for me to get prestige?
Are there any positions open at the moment?
Holy crap, we have a wiki?
What do I need to put an approval in for?
Is Marvin single? Continue reading New Members Q&A

Website Redesign Launched!

Hey All!

I’m happy to announce the launch of our new site redesign, with a switch from a complicated Drupal system to a easier to use and better for our needs WordPress system, is complete.

Well, mostly… There are a few small changes I still need to make, but overall the site is ready for use.

So navigate on over to http://www.nyccamarilla.org and take a look around.

If you have and ideas, comments, or complaints, please let me know either by leaving comments on this post, or by sending feedback through our Contact Us page 🙂

Well, Happy surfing everyone!