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Live Game Descriptions

Space: The Infinite Edge: Every third Friday from 7pm to 11pm.

Following the Third Great War, the Earth entered a near Apocalyptic state. Humanity looked to the stars for expansion and to ensure the continuance of the species. Now, thousands of years later, humans and supernaturals have had the veil ripped from their eyes, leaving their secrets bare. Hated and shunned by the humans of the Core worlds, supernaturals have fled to the underbelly of the megacities in the Expanse and the outskirts of the universe: the Verge. The Verge is the wilderness far from the established civilizations of the Core and the Expanse. Without the Stygian Gates, which allow ships access to hyperspace, it would have taken hundreds of years of travel to reach these distant systems. The worlds here are wild, disconnected, and the settlements are rather primitive even sometimes lawless. But unlike anywhere else, there is one thing the Verge can offer – a chance at freedom. Some would argue that alone is worth all the risk.
Playable Character Types: Vampires, Mages, Werewolves, Changelings, Synthetics, Humans, Fae-Touched, Wolfblooded, Ghouls, Proximi
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Space Settings Documents and Addenda


Werewolf the Apocalypse: Every Third Saturday from 1pm to 5pm.

The Apocalypse has come and gone, leaving the Garou Nation in ruins. Nine out of every ten Garou died in 2012, when the Wyrm rose strong against Gaia’s protectors. Now werewolves, and their new tenuous allies: the Fera, alike must try to build a new Nation out of the wreckage of the old. The surviving shifters of NYC are clinging to life at the End of the World. They’ve been pushed and pushed, until the Wyrm probably thinks it has nothing more to worry from the homeless children of New York. But they’re here to prove the Wyrm is wrong. They’re here to remind everyone that the Garou Nation is not dead. After all, they’re New Yorkers, and New Yorkers don’t sit down for anyone – not even a God.
Playable Character Types: Garou, Fera, Kinfolk
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Werewolf Settings Documents and Addenda


Vampire the Masquerade: Every Third Saturday from 7pm to 11pm.

In the tombs of granite towers the prince walks in a dream, seeking only darkness. Dysfunction and corruption carpet the cold hollow floors. But now his reign has ended and the jackals in the shadows will feast on the bones of his empire. Once weak enemies will grow, new empires will rise and but yet the night shall continue. Who shall replace the crown, will the alliance that keeps the peace crumble. Anarchs, the Independents and the Sabbat have openly moved into the city staking out pieces of his crumbling kingdom. The very jewel of the Camarilla will either shine or shatter.
Playable Character Types: Camarilla, Anarch, Independent Alliance, Ghouls
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Vampire Settings Documents and Addenda


Below are a list of Venue Style Sheets (VSS) for the New York City domain. Each one defines the setting and mechanics of one world of darkness game that is played in New York.

Game Name
Vampire: The Masquerade  War of the Ages
Werewolf: The Apocalypse A Memory of Green
SPACE: The Infinite Edge Anomalous Readings