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Game Descriptions

Changeling: The Lost: Every Third Saturday from 1pm to 5pm.

For sixty years, the Lost of New York City had known peace under the rule of Summer King Obediah. 

When Obediah came to the Summer throne, he led a mighty battle against the enemies of the Freehold. For over half a century since, New York City has been one of the safest places in the world for the Lost. No Privateers lurked in the shadows. No Loyalists dared ply their schemes. Despite the growing number of courtiers, there was no sign of attention from the True Fae. Some whispered that even They were wary of King Obediah.

There were other whispers, too. But people who whispered against the King found themselves shut out or shut down. In all the time he’d been in power, there had never been a suggestion of falsehood. Right?

Afterwards, people realized it was inevitable. Nothing is free for the Lost. The great king had paid for their peace and prosperity with blood and betrayal. The ensuing battle devastated the Freehold and cost many lives. 

In the aftermath, with oaths broken and trust shattered, some Lost left the city to start anew elsewhere. Of those who remain to pick up the pieces, none are free from the pain and regret of their past. Even the monarchs are all in some way tied to the fallen king, who left behind lovers, blood-bound siblings, and proteges. 

A long, glorious summer is over. The cold creeps in and wolves slink out of the woods for the first time in decades. There’s little time to rebuild, yet that is what must happen, if the city is to survive.

Playable Character Types: Changelings and Fae-Touched 

Lost Settings Documents and Addenda

Vampire the Masquerade: Every Third Saturday from 7pm to 11pm.

Change hit New York City early and the city’s vampires drank it down and asked for more. While kindred across the world struggle with the chaos of the Age of Mystery, the New York City Camarilla is hitting its stride. Neonates embraced during the Sabbat wars of the 1990s are coming into their abilities, ancillae finally feel secure enough to explore beyond their established territories, and the city’s few remaining elders are carefully shepherding the birth of a court worthy of the “Empire City.” Kindred meet over books of lore while their ghouls design new communication systems to distribute hunter alerts. Don’t miss that party in honor of the newest symbel designer! The city is alive with undead; it’s a Golden Age in the making.

And if certain forces might prefer to see it made into a Gilded Age, if the Unaligned of Long Island would prefer no rules be handed down from the city, if the Independent Alliance of Queens are hungry to take more territory for themselves, well– nobody ever said life in New York was easy. Just that it’s worth it. Drink the hot blood of the nightclub scene, walk with the mortal powerbrokers whose numbers are more valuable than prophecy, snatch a talented servant from the city’s thousands of ambitious souls, and you’ll know it’s true.

Playable Character Types: Camarilla, Unaligned, Ghouls, Visitors of all Sects

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Vampire Settings Documents and Addenda

Below are a list of Venue Style Sheets (VSS) for the New York City domain. Each one defines the setting and mechanics of one world of darkness game that is played in New York.

Game Name
Changeling: The Dreaming The Pillars of New York
Vampire: The Masquerade The Apple of Discord