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Changeling: The Lost: Every Second Saturday from 1pm to 5pm.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill

New York City went dark on the Night of Fire and Ash. Out of the thousands of supernaturals, only the Lost survived the blackout and the backlash. Fifteen months of straight winter, six full years of only hiding and fear, turned the survivors into an insular and xenophobic community. Now that new Lost are emerging from the Hedge and the seasons are returning to their normal cycle, some are daring to suggest it’s time to stop hiding.

Playable Character Types: Changelings, Fae Touched, Psychics 

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Lost Settings Documents and Addenda

Vampire the Masquerade: Every Third Saturday from 7pm to 11pm.

Change hit New York City early and the city’s vampires drank it down and asked for more. While kindred across the world struggle with the chaos of the Age of Mystery, the New York City Camarilla is hitting its stride. Neonates embraced during the Sabbat wars of the 1990s are coming into their abilities, ancillae finally feel secure enough to explore beyond their established territories, and the city’s few remaining elders are carefully shepherding the birth of a court worthy of the “Empire City.” Kindred meet over books of lore while their ghouls design new communication systems to distribute hunter alerts. Don’t miss that party in honor of the newest symbel designer! The city is alive with undead; it’s a Golden Age in the making. And if certain forces might prefer to see it made into a Gilded Age, if the Unaligned of Long Island would prefer no rules be handed down from the city, if the Independent Alliance of Queens are hungry to take more territory for themselves, well– nobody ever said life in New York was easy. Just that it’s worth it. Drink the hot blood of the nightclub scene, walk with the mortal powerbrokers whose numbers are more valuable than prophecy, snatch a talented servant from the city’s thousands of ambitious souls, and you’ll know it’s true.

Playable Character Types: Camarilla, Unaligned, Ghouls, Visitors of all Sects
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Vampire Settings Documents and Addenda

Space: The Infinite Edge: Every fourth Saturday from 1pm to 5pm.

Following the Third Great War, the Earth entered a near Apocalyptic state. Humanity looked to the stars for expansion and to ensure the continuance of the species. Now, thousands of years later, humans and supernaturals have had the veil ripped from their eyes, leaving their secrets bare. Hated and shunned by the humans of the Core worlds, supernaturals have fled to the underbelly of the megacities in the Expanse and the outskirts of the universe: the Verge. The Verge is the wilderness far from the established civilizations of the Core and the Expanse. Without the Stygian Gates, which allow ships access to hyperspace, it would have taken hundreds of years of travel to reach these distant systems. The worlds here are wild, disconnected, and the settlements are rather primitive even sometimes lawless. But unlike anywhere else, there is one thing the Verge can offer – a chance at freedom. Some would argue that alone is worth all the risk.
Playable Character Types: Vampires, Mages, Werewolves, Changelings, Synthetics, Humans, Fae-Touched, Wolfblooded, Ghouls, Proximi
Space Settings Documents and Addenda

Below are a list of Venue Style Sheets (VSS) for the New York City domain. Each one defines the setting and mechanics of one world of darkness game that is played in New York.

Game Name
Changeling: The Lost  The Lost Bastion
Vampire: The Masquerade The Apple of Discord
SPACE: The Infinite Edge  Anomalous Readings