Werewolf: The Apocalypse VSS – A Memory of Green

VSS Boundaries: Five Burroughs of New York City & Long Island

VST Name: John Christensen, US2002021510

VST Email: vst.apocalypse@mesnyc.org

Domain: NY-004-D



Despair – unless you’re new, many of your friends are dead. Your teachers are probably dead. Your heroes, almost certainly dead. The great Caern in the center of New York City has been wiped out, and in its place something terrible is growing. The Umbra of Manhattan is deadly to the Garou, and the forces of the Wyrm are working to push you outwards. The Apocalypse has begun, and no one can truly tell you if Gaia can be saved or is even still alive. Is it any wonder that the scourge of Harano is spreading through the pale pretender caerns that Garou form their Septs around? Better to ask why the Garou are even bothering; go home, and prepare your families for the end. Tend to your children before yourselves – infants and pets are closest to Gaia.


Hope – You and yours faced the worst the Wyrm could throw at you. You faced an army of the darkest creatures imaginable, led by an honest to Gaia dragon. You faced the Umbra gone mad, and the release of a entity few were even entirely aware still existed. The Wyrm tried to beat you by sheer numbers of enemies and sheer numbers of challenges. The price you paid was unspeakably high – but you’re still here. The Wyrm wanted to push you out of New York City entirely, so that it could finish its task – but you’re still here. The High King is gone, and Gaia herself slumbers in pain – but you. are. still. here. You’ve rebuilt your home, with whatever you could make available. You have new allies – the Stargazers are back, and the Fera have offered their assistance in the fight. It’s five minutes until the Apocalypse truly starts – but that is still five minutes in which you can make a difference.


Mood: Everything is on the edge. The characters have been pushed to the edge, to the point where they have almost lost New York City. Now, though, they have an opportunity to either push back, or lose it all.


Chronicle Teaser

Central Park is on fire. No one but those who can see the Umbra can see the fire, but it’s there. It’s been there since the day our home fell for the last time. Some could say that it is a funeral pyre for Mother Larissa. That’s a nice thought, except that funeral pyres for Garou aren’t generally green.


The end, when it happened, came quickly. We were gathered for a Moot. The Glass Walkers were absent as usual – they had their own Sept, after all, and weren’t on the greatest of speaking terms. That’s why we were surprised when an entire pack ran right into the Moot, yelling their heads off about the Wyrm fighting the Weaver over Manhattan itself. They tried to give us warning, but it was too late for warnings. The heart of the caern was ripped open almost immediately as the entire park became ground zero for a three way battle – us, the Dark Brigade, and the Weaver.


If you asked me, I don’t know who won that battle – the Wyrm has set the caern on fire, but the Weaver has wrapped most of Central Park in the tightest web imaginable. I do know who lost, however – us. We were pushed off the island inexorably. We pulled back onto Long Island. We fought a running battle through Queens until we finally found our footing again. We were helped, thankfully, by some of the spirits of Queens. We hid. And we rebuilt.


It took years, but we rebuilt. We found a likely place where a caern could go, and we negotiated the release of a caern shard so that we could form a Sept around it. The Garou came together in a way I’ve never seen before. And we weren’t alone – the Fera were there for us as well. I guess the sins of the past aren’t as important as the Apocalypse, and thank Gaia for that.


So here we are, at the End. We’ve been pushed and pushed, until the Wyrm probably thinks it has nothing more to worry from the homeless children of New York. We’re here to prove the Wyrm is the wrong. We’re here to remind everyone that we are not dead. We are New Yorkers, and New Yorkers don’t sit down for anyone – not even a God.


Sept Information & Timeline

Sept Name: Sept of the Fallen Green

Sept Location: Governor’s Island, NYC

Sept Rating: TBD, probably 2.

Shard Caern Totem: Fox of the Hidden Den

Shard Caern Rating: 3

Seed Source:  Sept of Forgotten Waters

Sept Leader: TBD (Was Nancy Killpatrick, will not be at game start)


Sept Timeline: (abbreviated)

2005 – Worried about increasing tensions with the Bone Gnawers, and increased scrutiny of Central Park, the Glass Walker Joe Brannigan forms the We’re Group and purchases Governor’s Island from the city. He starts building it as a sanctuary.


2008 – As the Sept of the Green weakens from the caern plague, the Glass Walkers start arranging a plan to get Kinfolk and Garou off of Manhattan if the worst happens. Having patched relations with Mother Larissa, they have her full cooperation.


2009 – On the first day of summer, three Thunderwyrms break through the ground of Central Park right underneath the Sept. During the resultant battle a large number of the Garou of the Sept of the Green perish, including Mother Larissa. The remaining members of the Sept are rallied by Glass Walker Nancy Killpatrick.


After a running street fight, the Garou escape Manhattan and make it to Governor’s Island. They manage to repel several assaults on the island, though they are unable to make any headway towards establishing a beachhead on Manhattan. No one knows the fate of the remaining defenders of the Sept of the Green – only that the entirety of Central Park glows with a green balefire in the Umbra. No one has, to date, made it significantly far into the park.


2012 – The leaders of Governor’s Island travel to Alaska to claim a shard seed. A shard caern is formed, and the Sept of the Fallen Green is formed.


Rules and Clarifications

The World of Darkness can be a place where difficult and dark storylines and themes are explored. That said – while our characters can be made uncomfortable, our players should not be. If you feel a scene is becoming difficult for you to deal with, please do not hesitate to use the following procedure:

  1. Immediately call for a halt to the scene. All players MUST respect this and roleplay MUST immediately cease.
  2. Find a staff member.
  3. The staff member will help the players in the scene come to a negotiated, narrated conclusion. While this may involve negative consequences for a PC, they will be dealt with as carefully and conscientiously as possible.


If you feel uncomfortable or harassed at any time, please do not hesitate to reach out to a staff member. This can be done at ANY POINT – at game or after game. Our aim is to make a comfortable place for people to portray characters in the World of Darkness.

A sign-in sheet will be provided at the start and end of games. Players are asked to provide information which may include their character’s name, MES number, ST contact information (if not local) and starting/ending Fleeting Renown.


Tokens of some form will be provided at game to help players track Fleeting Renown and willpower refreshes. Please consult the ST staff for more information..  


Players proxying into or from this VSS for non-social purposes (i.e. Anything that requires a challenge with the ST or the expenditure of traits) will be required to spend a Downtime action. Note that this does not include visiting to play a physical (or virtual) game. The ST may waive this requirement to prevent double charging of downtime actions.


Only PCs attached to the VSS or NPCs under the supervision of the ST staff may hold Sept leadership positions in the city.

XP Guidelines

XP guidelines are largely TBD. Assuming they are available, there will be two additional XP awards:

  1. Whomever gets the most nominations at the round robin at end of game.
  2. Whomever gets the most willpower refreshes due to RP.


Travel Risks

Governor’s Island is accessible through a fairly infrequent ferry that is based on Brooklyn. The Sept’s Warder also maintains several boats to get people from Brooklyn or Queens to the island. There is no particular risk in traveling via planes to either of the two airports in the domain’s area.


Subway travel is not intrinsically dangerous. Sometimes people claim to see things flash by a subway car as it speeds down a tunnel – but those might just be urban legends.


Manhattan is dangerous. Locked in a battle between forces of the Wyrm and the Weaver, neither have patience for the Garou. While characters traveling through Manhattan in the physical world will not necessarily be harassed, they will need to be careful about attracting attention from either side. The Penumbra is even more dangerous – even the locals have to be very careful about finding safe hiding spots and keeping low, travelers are advised to stay away. Penn Station and Grand Central Station (both hubs for train traffic) are under constant surveillance, and the odds of being identified as a supernatural creature are significantly high.


Game Style

This is meant, in many ways, to be an action game. There will always be something to do – if your character is bored, approach a ST staff member and let them know. The characters are fighting a losing battle against the Wyrm and, as such, there will generally be some of the following at all games: investigation, planning, combat, general action. The chance for PC death and corruption are there, and players should be aware that they are present, but the ST staff will do their best to make it interesting. The Garou Nation has a rich culture behind it, and players should expect to see that come into play along with “discussions” about how best to adapt to the Apocalypse. PvP styles of play are definitely present, as there is a rich framework for dealing with disagreements, but the ST staff hopes to avoid killbox styles of PvP.


Action (Combat and challenges): 3

Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 4

Darkness (PC Corruption): 3

Death (PC Death): 2

Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 3

Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 2

Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 2

Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 4

PvE (Player vs NPC): 5

Non-Lethal PvP (PvP not involving killboxes and character death): 3

Lethal PvP (PvP involving killboxes and character death): 1