Masquerade VSS – Bright Lights, Big City

I. Information

Chapter Name: Children of the Lost Eden
Domain Number: NY-004-D
Venue: Cam/Anarch Masquerade
Venue Name: Bright Lights, Big City
Lead Venue Storyteller: Nathan Kelly
Storyteller Contact:
Official Mailing List:
Official Wiki Page:,_NY_Masquerade
Games Hosted On: Saturday Night

II. Styles of Play

Action – Combat and Challenges 3
Character – PC Development 2
Darkness – PC death and corruption 4
Drama – Ceremony and grand story 4
Intrigue – Politics and negotiation 3
Manners – Social etiquette and peer pressure 4
Mystery – Enigmas and investigation 3
Pace – How fast stories develop – Varied, some fast (30 day resolution), some medium (90 day resolution), some slow (180+ day resolution)

Rating Description: 1 Never present, 2 Sometimes present, 3 Often present, 4 Usually present, 5 Always present

III. Game Schedule

Full Games: First Saturday of the Month

Downtime Event(s): The third Wednesday of every month is typically the Domain’s downtime meet-up where the VST will attempt to be available to resolve downtime and role play issues that needs an in-person touch.

IV. Venue Description

a. Bright Lights, Big City will use the New York by Night book as its source of background and historical information with a few changes for local flavor. The game will be focusing on integration of new players into the rich story and history of the city as well as getting along with and surpassing the current power structure that is in place following the city’s capture from the Sabbat in 1999. The past 12 years has seen the status quo remain solidly in place with the powers within the Camarilla ensuring that their investment in capturing the jewel of the Sabbat’s empire within the New World remains solidly within the Ivory Tower’s grasp.

b. Boundaries: This VSS includes the entirety of the NY-004-D Domain

IV. Storytelling Mechanics

1. Ties: All character’s histories and historical ties within the domain boundaries requires the permission of the residing VST.

2. Proxy Rules: All proxy requests to this VSS for Proxy Play must be received by the Venue Storyteller in writing or email no less than 48 hours in advance. All Proxies will be considered Hard Proxies.

a. Hard Proxies require permission from the VST and require the following:
i. Full character sheet. This includes any special approvals for items/powers/influence/merits/flaws that require special approvals. Without proof of these approvals, those special approval items will **NOT** be used in the proxy.

ii. VST / DST / RST contact information (e-mail & phone number when possible). I will need to able to confirm things with them and give them the results of the proxy so they can incorporate said results into their games.

iii. Clearly stated goals for your character. You need to be as precise as possible when you state your character’s goals and actions for the proxy. Any information that is left out will be left up to the storyteller staff to include. Assumptions will be made if necessary.

iv. Contingency plans & Exit strategy. Please include contingency plans as the best-laid plans are sometimes disrupted. Without the contingency plans, the storyteller staff will make decisions for the characters. These decisions may or may not be what the players would have done.

b. All Proxies: Players Agree to the following conditions. If you are not comfortable with these conditions, then do **not** proxy your character.

i. All proxy play is final. There are no do-overs. Death or worse are possibilities. In every proxy scene, there are inherent dangers. Players who agree to proxy are being made known these results are possibilities of proxy play.

ii. While in proxy play, the character will not play any place else or in other proxy scenes, or electronic forums. This includes the use of Auspex or similar powers to move outside the body without the presiding ST’s permission.

c. Travel Risks: New York City, while having numerous points of entry and exit is a very dangerous place, numerous Law Enforcement agencies, local institutions and the city’s supernatuaral population all have an interest in keeping an eye on who enters and leaves the city and what they do while there. Any travel through the VSS carries at least the possibility of an incident which may intercept, redirect, turn-away or even harm a traveling character. All travel through this VSS must be reported to the VST and may involve a hard proxy at the ST’s discretion.

3. Character Location and Influences: Characters occupying a position of authority such as Prince or other Court positions or who have territory within this VSS must be attached to this VSS, exceptions can be granted at Mid approval by the DST of NY-004-D. Likewise, PCs on this VSS are expected not to occupy positions of authority on other VSSs, and may be removed from the VSS if this occurs.

4. The Storytelling Staff reserves the right to ask participants of a scene to run the scene theatrically and with role playing rather than with challenges.

V. Experience Award Guidelines

Characters may earn 6 XP per month for role playing, downtimes, and other actions submitted to the ST’s in writing. Maximum XP earned per month may be reduced by a cap due to PC longevity by the NST’s office in the future.

VI. Visiting Character Guidelines

All characters must provide an XP Log. The Storytellers reserve the right to deny entry to any character in the interests of the game. The Storytellers also reserve the right to remove such a character from play if such a character becomes disruptive to the overall game during play.

If there is ever a discrepancy, the version of the sheet present on the Approvals DB will be considered correct.

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