We’re New York City’s branch of the Modern Enigma Society, a national LARP group specializing in games set in the World of Darkness. Our games meet once a month and are 18+.

Per CDC and NYC guidelines, all our games require proof of vaccination and the wearing of masks to attend. If you do not have a mask at the door, a disposable surgical mask will be provided for you.

Every third Saturday of the month we play Changeling the Dreaming, (By Night Studios Corebooks/Setting) from 1pm-5pm and Vampire the Masquerade from 7pm-11pm (By Night Studios Corebooks/Setting).

We play in a nationally connected game, with a vast living world of PCs and NPCs all over the country

If you’re interested in trying one of our games, you’ll find more info as you explore the site. You can also contact our coordinator directly at dc@mesnyc.org