Requiem VSS – The Deluge

I. Information Chapter Name: Children of the Lost Eden

Domain Number: NY-004-D
Venue: Requiem
Venue Name: The Deluge
Lead Venue Storyteller: Brandon Hughes
Storyteller Contact:
Official Mailing List:
Official Wiki Page: Games
Hosted On: First Saturday of each month, game sites announced via, the Domain googlegroup and on, the Domain website.

II. Styles of Play

(Rating Description: 1 Never present, 2 Sometimes present, 3 Often present, 4 Usually present, 5 Always present )
Action – Combat and Challenges 3
Character – PC Development 4
Darkness – PC death and corruption 4
Drama – Ceremony and grand story 2
Intrigue – Politics and negotiation 5
Manners – Social etiquette and peer pressure 4
Mystery – Enigmas and investigation 4
Pace – How fast stories develop – 4 (Moderate to fast)

III. Game Schedule

Full Games: First Saturday of each month with game sites announced via the Domain google group and on the Domain website. These will be traditional LARP games with a shared space and break out space for smaller scenes and interaction as needed.
Downtime Event(s): There will be a scheduled Downtime Event the second Wednesday of the month. These meetings will allow players to interact with each other and the storyteller, as well as log Downtime actions with the storyteller.

Covenant Meets:
There may be one monthly downtime event per covenant held on the third wednesday of the month. These events allow the players with characters in a specific covenant to come together and interact with each other.

IV. Venue Description

“New York City. Center of the Universe. Times are shitty, but I’m pretty sure they can’t get worse”
– Angel Dumott Schunard

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”
– Cersei Lannister

“Besides, after us, the Deluge”
– Madame de Pompadour

The city is alive with light, music and action. It’s been scrubbed clean by politicians who think the people can not protect themselves, and championed by a 24 hour news cycle that jumps onto any bit of dirt it can find. To the person who comes for a day, it seems like a wonderland. Like the most magical place anyone could live. Bright and beautiful… but the golden exterior hides the darkness underneath. Everyone fights for himself. Every doorway is hiding something. Every friend can be your enemy at the drop of a hat if the right opportunity presents itself. The beautiful facade is held up by a rotting structure that threatens to crumble down under the weight of it’s own pretension, sending the grit, the grime, and the darkness spreading out into the world at large.

In the more than two decades that Prince Louis Capet has held praxis, the rich have gotten richer, and the poor have gotten poorer. The Prince’s consort and the Prince’s Harpy appear to hear every whisper and exploit every dirty secret. The Lancea do what they can to suppress any idea about the nature of the kindred that contradicts their doctrines. Those ingratiated to the Prince have ample places to feed, while those less fortunate fight for food in small sections that now ripple with fear of the dark.

It is a game of politics, deception and treachery. No one can be trusted except yourself. Every night is a new opportunity to gain power. Every night is a new test to compromise your beliefs. No one makes it out of the World of Darkness unscathed, if they manage to make it out at all.

Boundaries: This VSS includes the entirety of the NY-004-D Domain

IV. Storytelling Mechanics

**The Storytelling Staff reserves the right to ask participants of a scene to run the scene theatrically and with role playing rather than with challenges.**

Proxy Rules:
All proxy requests to the venue must be received by the Venue Storyteller via email no less than 72 hours in advance. Proxies fall into two categories; soft-proxies (proxies which involve no tests, and may be run by players over IRC, IM, email, etc) and hard-proxies (which are run by the Storyteller staff). The ST determines which category a proxy falls under, and may at any time change a proxy from soft to hard. When the ST determines the proxy is to switch from soft to hard, the scene will be frozen till all required information is collected. Soft proxies require notification to the VST. Hard proxies require permission from the VST to be run and require the following:

Full character sheet. This includes any special approvals for items/powers/influence/merits/flaws that require special approvals. Without proof of these approvals, those special approval items will **NOT** be used in the proxy.
VST / DST / RST contact information (e-mail & phone number when possible). The Storyteller will need to able to confirm things with them and give them the results of the proxy so they can incorporate said results into their games.

Clearly stated goals for your character. You need to be as precise as possible when you state your character’s goals and actions for the proxy. Any information that is left out will be left up to the storyteller staff to include. Assumptions can and will be made if necessary.

Contingency plans & exit strategy. Please include contingency plans as the best-laid plans are sometimes disrupted. Without the contingency plans, the storyteller staff will make decisions for the characters. These decisions may or may not be what the players would have done.
All proxies require the player to agree to the following conditions. If you are not comfortable with these conditions, then **DO NOT** proxy your character.

Death or worse are possibilities. In every proxy scene, there are inherent dangers. Players who agree to proxy are being made known these results are possibilities of proxy play.
While in proxy play, the character will not play any place else or in other proxy scenes, or electronic forums. This includes the use of powers to move outside the body.

Initial Blood Mechanics:
Starting blood for the monthly game event will be calculated by adding up the following:
Base Draw: The average of three card pulls, rounded up.
Feeding Location Modifier: (For local characters only) A hidden modifier based on the region of the city the character has been feeding in.
Foreign City Status: (For visiting characters only) The city status of the character in their home city.
Herd: The characters herd merit rating.
Waking up: Minus one for rising the evening of game.

Hunting Mechanics:
Character Hunting will be performed in the following manner:
One pull per hunt based on the method of hunting, success indicating availability of one person or animal to feed upon.
Each hunt requires the player taking 15 minutes out of game. Time out for multiple hunts must be taken consecutively, not in parallel.
If a character hunts before game has started, the 15 minute counter starts at game start.
If a character hunts after game has started, even if the player has only just arrived to game, the 15 minute counter will start at the time of the hunting challenge.
Storytellers may add or alter the hunting mechanics due to current plot conditions.

Experience Awards Guidelines:
Each player may receive up to 6 experience points per game event. They will be awarded for the given conditions:
*4 points for playing for at least 1 hour.
*1 point for attendance within 1 hour of scheduled game start.
*1 point via roleplaying shout-out nominations, or ST discretionary awards.

*Each player may receive up to 3 experience points per downtime or meet event. They will be awarded under that condition that they attend for at least 1 hour of the downtime.
* Players can also receive 0-3 experience points for the following actions between games(1 point is the default unless indicated otherwise by the ST.):
-Submitting a downtime action request.
-Submitting character media (a first person recording of the character’s actions, a diary/journal entry by the character reflecting on something, a drawing of the character, a video blog from the character, etc…).
-Submitting detailed soft role-play scene between characters. Evidence must exist (irc log, email chain, audio/video recording).

Experience Spending Guidelines:
All XP Spends must be reported via email to the VST before they make use of said expenditures in any game or other event. The email should include a clear list of what purchases are being made and a complete copy of the new character sheet, with the purchases made. A player may only purchase one dot of an incremental purchase trait for their character per downtime period.The VST may refuse or deny any requested purchase, in whole or in part.

Visiting Character Guidelines:
As most players in the venue are low to moderate in MC; visiting characters will be asked about their goals when entering the city and asked to defer to characters with local status. The Storytellers reserve the right to deny entry to characters that will be unbalancing or detrimental to the stability of the game. The Storytellers also reserve the right to remove such a character from play.

Restricted Items:
-Storytellers reserve the right to disallow the following: explosives; military weapons, munitions, equipment and vehicles; WMD and other mass casualty or instant kill devices.
-No Cross-venue character will be allowed without appropriate approvals and convincing role-playing reasons.
-The teaching of cross venue lore’s or gifting/trading of cross venue items will be heavily scrutinized.
-Items with custom mechanics may not be used without the appropriate approval numbers and written explanation of those mechanics.

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