Channel 7 News Report

Friday 5:00pm – On the channel 7 news:

A female news anchor is trying to keep a straight face while she reads the prompter, looking a bit nauseous.

“Breaking news story coming to us from Corona, Queens. A woman was found murdered there earlier today. We go to Herald Williams in Queens for more.”

The news switches over to the reporter on the scene a young fit man with dark spiky hair. He started to speak as in the background the police are cording off an area with red and blue lights flashing over and over again.

“Tragedy strikes Queens today. A young woman was found strangled and brutally stabbed in an alley just outside of a popular late night deli. The victim’s blood was then taken and smeared on the aley walls, in the form of some unusual and crude symbols.”

He paused for a moment touching his earpiece. He then continued to speak.

“The victim has been identified as Adrianna Derrickson, age 27, a history teacher at the local Newtown High School.”

A picture popped up next to the reporter of a young blond woman smiling and leaning on the railing of a boat.

“Residents are shocked and are reporting that Adrianna was a model citizen and went out of her way to help her students. The police are interviewing residents in the area. We have been informed that there have been two murders of a similar fashion within the past few weeks but that the police are keeping most of the details under wraps. We will keep you updated on this tragic story. Back to you Diana.”

The woman news anchor comments, “That really is sad to see…” before she started talking about the latest diet trend to hit New Yorkers, as if there was no mention of the murder just seconds before.

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