Channel 7 News Report – A Serial Murderer On The Loose

Diana Sorte, the female news anchor of the channel 7 news has had a drastic change in her appearance since her last time on air. She was a strawberry blond with a pair of green eyes that showed a lot of fire and passion for her job. Today, she has dark brown hair and her eyes are clearly nervous. Her voice and body language are her usual calm, collected self; but her eyes speak volumes of fear.

“Today the police chief had a press conference outside city hall to speak on what the police are doing to find an apparent serial killer, a killer that has already claimed the lives of three young women around the city.”

Diana pauses for a moment to compose herself.

“The Police are apparently baffled by the string of murders. All of the reported victims where women with blond hair and successful careers. The first victim, Renee Wilson, worked as an assistant at ShermansTravel Media. The second victim was an older woman by the name of Elizabeth Young, who was in the administration of the chemical company EcoGen. The third victim was beloved teacher Adrianna Derrickson, who we reported on last week.”

“The police are not releasing any other details on the first two murder, but our sources have indicated that all three women died of suffocation due to strangulation, and all where apparently cut into and dissembled after death. Cryptic symboles where written on near by walls with the victims blood in all three incidents.”

Diana pauses once again before finishing her report and moving on to a discussion on the secret dangers of dog toys you never knew about.

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