New Members Q&A

Hey, everyone!

We’ve got a bunch of new members in the domain, and I’ve been getting lots of questions like:

What’s Prestige?
Where are the Ordeals located?
Who do I talk to about getting into the database?
How do I get involved in plot?
What are the other venues like?
What are some easy ways for me to get prestige?
Are there any positions open at the moment?
Holy crap, we have a wiki?
What do I need to put an approval in for?
Is Marvin single?

Well, you can get all those questions and more answered this Friday, 7pm, at the Starbucks owned by Chris Beck on 8th Ave, between 49th and 50th. Come with your questions and get straight answers from me and whoever else chooses to show up! (Probably our DC and VST Requiem)

We’ll have wifi set up, so there’s a good chance you could end the night by passing the Membership Ordeal, earning yourself MC2 and 10xp!

There’s even a slight chance that Dain will proxy in to the event via IRC, and we’ll set up a laptop at one of the tables with a black dress shirt and a dour expression so you can ask him questions directly.

All members are welcome, old and young, male and female, regular and decaf, etc. See you this Friday!

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