Fifth Weekend Gaming – Sin-Eaters and Masquerade

So this month having a 5th saturday we are going to have our in person Geist the Sin-Eaters game. But because having just one game a day is boreing, we have also thrown in a Vampire the Masquerade (Camarilla) historic game.

Geist the Sin-Eaters will be on May 29th from 3pm – 7pm.
Vampire the Masquerade will be on May 29th from 8pm – Midnight.

Both games are being held at:
Primary Stages Box Office
307 West 38th Street
Suite 1510 Studio B
New York, NY 10018

Follows are some teasers for each game.

Geist the Sin-Eaters

All around the city there are posted signs for a missing cat, on almost ever street lamp and post. The cat appears to be a just a tabby cat sitting in a bowl. Anyone who calls the number will find that the number is disconnected. To normal people it just looks like a lost cat poster but to Sin-Eater’s who see it there is something interesting about it, something in the corner of their eyes. Any Sin-Eater who possesses their Geist can find out what it is. Written in deathly ink is the following:

Come One, Come All…
A Hawaiian Luau to help you lessen your burden and celebrate your life for a night.
Forget your worries or your cares and come join us.

Where: Coney Island Beach
When: Saturday May 29th, 2010
Time: 9pm to Dawn
Good Food. Good Music. Good Friends. Join our party, our ceremony, our celebration!

Vampire the Masquerade

Kindred do love their games – but nights in New York City often leave less time for games for the Kindred who dwell in what was so recently the Camarilla’s No Man’s Land.
It is Summer, 2008. There is a red star in the sky. You now know that a mere week ago, each and every member of Clan Ravnos tore itself apart in the grip of a sudden, shocking and lethal madness, and the repercussions—political, mystical and social—are beginning to stir through the halls of the Camarilla. Yet even during those strange nights and even if they did not understand, each Kindred in his own way felt the currents of whatever power moved so violently through the Gypsies. What does it mean, that such a wave of mutilation could not only near decimate a clan, but stir the blood of every other Kindred – and maybe every Vampire – in the city? Maybe, given what whispers are reaching you from other Camarilla strong hold, every Vampire in the world?

It might seem, at least for the moment, that what little time there was for games has become no time at all. The effects that are only pushing incessantly against the stolid Ivory Tower are more akin to the screech of steel on steel to the Sword of Caine. Kindred and Cainites alike scramble to make sense of the carnage and the madness – and then the Prince of New York receives a letter from a leader of the vestiges of the Sabbat, who still hang on to Brooklyn by the skin of their teeth. Members of the Independent factions with ties to the Sabbat receive similar communication – and what it boils down to is this: No, we probably don’t like each other. We may or may not work together. We might actually just plain hate each other. But at the moment, there’s something bigger going on than our giant hatefest. And while we might not give a shit in a year about whatever that just was … we also might give a whole lot more of a shit. We ALL might give a whole lot more of a shit. So we should, maybe, figure out a place and a way to get together. Just in case all that shit we’re giving hits a really, really, really big fan.

Can this filthy Cainite – someone calling themselves Asrua – be trusted? Is it worth it to find out? Is it a trap? But how could it be, with the Sabbat forces in the city having been so utterly smashed? And what if, just what if, this “leader” is right?

You’ve been invited. You’ve all been invited. Perhaps that red star in the sky means it’s time for some new games.

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