Masquerade Rules Review and Character Creation Meets

So to get you all ready for our upcoming Masquerade venue, whoes first historic game is being run this coming Saturday, we are going to have not one but two meets to help people go over rules and character creation.

The first one is this coming Thursday, May 27th, from 6:30pm to whenever.
It will be located at Cafe 28, which is on the south east corner of 28th street and 5th ave in manhattan.

The second one will be Saturday, May 29th, from 2pm – 3pm.
It will be located at Village 38, which is on the north west corner of 38th street and 8th ave in manhattan.
(This is just half a block from the Geist the Sin-Eaters game starting at 3pm)

Hope to see you all there!

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