Geist Game Announcement – July 2010

We are having our monthly game one day late this month due to a conflict in Chris’s schedule (he will be running the game).

When: July 16th, 2010 at 9pm to 11pm.
Where: #nyc-sin-eaters on (go to to get there if you don’t have an IRC client).

If any new players are interested in joining in, please send a email to


A string of murders have plagued the city over the past few months, the night grows darker and more dangerous as successful women are scared to come out of their homes. They’re terrified they may be next on this crazed person’s list. The Shadowed Moon plays home to where the Sin-Eaters of New York City can come and gather information and share stories. Who knows how and when these murders are going to stop? When will the authorities catch the murderer? What if they can’t handle it?

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