Awakening And Masquerade (Camarilla/Anarch) Game Announcement – July 2010

Hey all,

Sorry about the late posting of this annoucement, we had a HELL of a time getting sites for this upcoming weekends games (we contacted a dozen places, most of them booked… and the one place we got for mage first had to cancel).

We are actually at two compleatly new sites as a result, so please take note of their locations.
Also note that Awakening is a bit earlier that we hoped, running from 1-5 instead of the 2-6 we where looking for.

Mage the Awakening
Saturday July 24th, 1pm to 5pm.
Space on White
81 White Street
New York NY, 10013
Lower Level

Vampire the Masquerade (Camarilla/Anarch)
Saturday July 24th, 7pm to Midnight
Gene Frankel Theatre
24 Bond Street
New York NY, 10012
Lower Level

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