First Weekend Game Announcement – August 2010 and Pay Ahead

Hello everyone. It’s your friendly, neighborhood second sites and finance coordinator, “KitKat”, bringing you August game announcements.

Changeling the Lost
Friday September 3rd, between 7pm and 12am
Tada Theatre Company
15 West 28th Street 3rd Floor
New York, United States, 10001

Werewolf the Forsaken
Saturday September 4th, between 2pm and 6pm
137 West 14th Street
New York, United States, 10011

Vampire the Requiem
Saturday September 5th, between 7pm and 12am
CSV Flamboyan Theatre
107 Suffolk Street
New York, United States, 10002
(Note: No other events are happening in the main room outside the theater so no music to drown us out.)

I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce a new payment method for games. Starting with this month’s games you can pay in advance using Paypal. To make a payment simply send money to address with the following information:

Cam Number:
Game(s) Attending:

Same fee structure applies ($10 for first game, $5 for each additional game) and payments from funds in a bank account or direct from a paypal account preferred, but not required. Credit card payments incur a small deduction from the payment. Won’t break the bank, but no need for the extra overhead.

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