Mage Game Announcement – February 4th

Game location location (212 West 29th St)
Game time 2/4, starting at 12 sharp.

“We get some rules to follow
That and this
These and those
No one knows”

Game premise:
The New York Concilium
The walls are closing in.
How will the Concilium stand against the forces arrayed against them?
Will they stand together or will they fall apart?

Theme song for game (as chosen by MattyJ because of his prize from
last month):

This means you are likely to get jumped by a Deer. Be forewarned.

If you would like to check in ahead of time, please email me at
“” the
following information;
Your name
Character’s name
Cam Number
Pre-cast spells
Merits relevant to mana

Thank you,
Matt Blank

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