In The News – March 2012

Police Probe Death Of Man Found Bound In Chelsea Apartment

Police are investigating an apparent homicide after a man was found dead Friday night in a Manhattan apartment.

Officers were called to a building on West 22nd Street in Chelsea shortly before 8 p.m. and found a 57-year-old man unconscious and unresponsive.
Sources say the man’s hands were tied to a bed, his hands, feet, and mouth were bound with duct tape, and there was a towel over his face. However there were no signs of trauma.
Sources also say the man was originally discovered by a female friend.
The medical examiner is working to determine the cause of death.

Sangavida Enterprises Cuts Ribbon on R&D Lab

Sangavida Enterprises, a rapidly growing research and development firm, cut the ribbon today on a new laboratory in Smith Haven NY. Sangavida bought out the site of the former Smith Haven Laboratory earlier this year when new investors had supplied a influx of money to the formerly floundering group.

“This new facility, coupled with the impressive and energetic minds of our researchers, will bring new discoverers and innovations to the marker over the next few years. I’m really excited for the future of our company and for the industry as whole.” said Michel Gentry, Sangavida’s head of media relations, from their corporate offices in midtown manhattan.

Worker Pulled From East Harlem Trench Collapse

City officials on Friday issued a stop worker order at an East Harlem construction site following the rescue of a worker, who first responders say became trapped after the trench he was working in collapsed.

It happened around 11 a.m. near a commercial building under construction located at 122nd Street between Park and Lexington Avenues.

Rescuers say they used a Con Edison vacuum truck to suck up dirt as they dug around the man and rigged a pulley on the building’s wall to remove him safely.

“He was screaming ‘help’ and then when I saw that I was feeling bad because we don’t have nothing to help,” said Ricardo Santos, a nearby building superintendent.

Rescue officials say they believe the building’s foundation was being prepped for waterproofing when the collapse happened.

An investigation is ongoing.

West Village Crime Rate Returning To Previous Levels

A new report put out this week by the New York Police Department is showing a return to previous crime levels in the West Village area. The crime levels, which had dropped to a all time low in the last few months, are now returning back to their pre-drop levels.

“We have not been able to track down either what caused the original drop of crime or what has caused the crime levels to rise back up, but we are continuing our investigation to find the cause of both.” said Mario Santino, the sergeant who compiled the report.

Members of the community greeted the news poorly. One Maria Smith said “This place had just started to get nice… and now its going down the drain again. Makes you think of moving out of the city.”

New York Area Hospitals Rank Low On Patient Safety, Report Finds

Some hospitals in the city are not getting a clean bill of health in a scathing new report about patient safety.

Consumer Reports ranked more than a thousand of the nation’s 4,000 hospitals based on the number of hospital-acquired infections, re-admissions within 30 days and the quality of discharge and medication instructions.

Thirty of the 50 lowest rated hospitals were in the New York City metropolitan area.

Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx was rated the worst in the country for patient safety.

Other local hospitals rated poorly are Forest Hills Hospital in Queens, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, Kings County Hospital Center and Jamaica Hospital.

“We think it’s important for New Yorkers to make it clear to hospitals in a variety of ways that this should be a higher priority. There are some great hospitals and doctors in New York City, but we think there needs to be safer hospitals in New York City,” said Consumer Reports Health rating Center Director John Santa.

New Fashion Trend Sparking Controversy

A recent Village Voice article, highlighting a new fashion trend, is causing some controversy in the fashion world. The new style, one that pairs occupy wall street issues with vampiric tastes, is finding both attackers and defenders in the fashion world.

“The new style, it is too soon after the the whole Twilight screen… fashion is supposed to look forwards, not back.” said Helen Tapps, a fashion designed and store owning in Midtown.

“Personally I think its bold and provocative, really challenging what society will accept.” said Peter Engler, fashion critic for “La dame élégante”, a local style magazine.

A few others are worried about how this new trend might influence the young teens of the city.

A women who desired to remain anonymous is quoted as saying “I don’t want my little girl thinking vampires are sexy… when she gets older she might just go out trying to get bit or something.”

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