Game Announcement – February 2011

Hey all. February games are expected to be big. Hope you all can make it. Unfortunately due to issues with CSV’s new policy regarding rehearsal rental they are no longer a viable option as a requiem location. We do have a game site for Saturday’s games though, but note that it is a change from our norm. We’re at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City. The site is well within walking distance from the subway stations: 23rd St – Ely Ave (E,M), Court Sq – Long Island City (G) and 45th Rd – Courthouse Sq (7).

Changeling the Lost
Friday, February 4th between 8:00PM and 12AM
Tada Theatre Company
15 West 28th Street 3rd Floor
(between 5th and Broadway)
New York, United States, 10001

Saturday, February 5th Games:
The Secret Theatre (through the green gate)
4402 23rd St
(between 44th Ave and 44th Rd)
Long Island City, NY 11101

Mage the Awakening
Saturday, February 5th between 12:30PM and 3:30PM

Vampire the Masquerade (Cam/Anarch)
Saturday, February 5th between 4PM and 7:30PM

Vampire the Requiem
Saturday, February 5th between 8PM and 12AM

Site fees:
$10 – first game
+$5 – each additional game

Cash at the door or paypal ahead of time. Send paypal payments to Please include your name, cam #, and games attending when making your payment.

You can even use paypal at game from your smart phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry). Just download the app and pay when you get there.

Court Square Diner
4530 23rd Street
NY 11101-4726

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